a loaner for Aug. 16-29?

Ahoy Seattle,

I'm going to be in town for about ten days to do some job shadowing at SPL...and I'd love to have a bikey to ride while I'm around. Anyone have anything junky I could borrow for that time? I'm about 5'5", if that helps. I'll bake you cookies or bring you a six-pack or some other delightful thing.


LiveStrong Ride! PLEASE HELP!

I decided to ride for LIVESTRONG because I want my bike riding to benefit others. Many of you have supported me in this endeavor. I have recruited Crystal and Chuck to be apart of my beautiful bicycles team. Please, if you can, help support our goals to raise $2000 for LIVESTRONG!

The ride in June 21, coming up quick, and we are pedaling out hearts out!

We have raised $1150 to date. If you can give anything, it would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

- MaLora Ann

PS: The next three people to donate $50 to the above link will not only get to feel super gooey about how awesome they are, as well as get tax credit, but also if they contact me through LJ I will gladly send you one of the few remaining calendars here:
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Stolen Lemond Buenos Aires?

A crackhead sold me this bike for $27. I know it is stolen and I'm trying to find the owner.

a few years old but in good shape and quality components. probably taken today from around the central area or madison valley. describe it sufficiently and I will return it to you.

A wreck

Hi all, I got in a wreck a couple days ago and I'm worried about damage to my bike. I hit a pothole going 30 or more and the front wheel tacoed instantaneously and the bike and I went tumbling. I'm ok except for road rash, but I'm worried about my bike. It's a Fuji Cross Pro, which means it has an aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork, and aluminum Shawla 550 hubs and rims. My question is, how can I tell if there's damage to my bike that I'm not noticing immediately? Obviously, the rim, spokes and tube (which blew out) are a lost cause, but might there be micro-cracks in the carbon fork that I don't see but might mess it up? Will I only find out about them when the thing breaks in two? I got in a wreck a few years ago that tacoed a wheel, and Velo on the hill was able to straighten it out for another couple of years of use, but this rim is in much worse shape.

Are there anything else I should consider or inspect or have a shop inspect to ease my mind? Of course, I just had it tuned and new brake pads put on.

Thanks in advance.

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WEST SIDE INVITE in seattle this weekend dickfaces.

I won't be there because I'm fucking broke and should be living under a bridge. But those of you who can, fucking go and stop being a fuck face. |
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This Sat: join us for a Beacon Hill Group Ride!

Beacon Bike Ride!

When: Saturday May 23rd 10ish @ Hello Bicycle on groovy Beacon Hill!
3067 Beacon Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144
(206) 805-6700

All are welcome for "hello bicycle's" first group ride: We'll have a moderate speed bike ride to Alkai Beach (visit lady liberty) and then head back up to BeHi for some ElQuetzal Tacos! Expect to spend just over 2 hours riding.

Hope to see ya there!
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A rant

I wrote a rant. I'm hoping it comes across as well-reasoned and polite, but firm. I just submitted it to the Seattle Bicycle Paper, which I've never really found very helpful, but will glance through from time to time. Their columnist, Maynard Hershon, really irritated me last month, so I read some of his other articles and was disgusted. I suppose I'm posting to ask y'all if I'm way off base or what. Here's what I wrote:

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Vashon Island: it's awesome!

I rode around Vashon Island yesterday with some friends. It's beautiful, there is hardly anyone on the road, and every single driver was polite and passed safely. Even when I was hauling myself up The Hill We Weren't Supposed To Take* at about 3 mph on a road with no shoulder.

Go do it! You won't regret it! It is really hilly, though.

*There's one on every ride around here, isn't there?