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sliding scale, DIY bike wrench org lookin for a new spot - ♥ Seattle bike Love ♥ — LiveJournal

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August 31st, 2011

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04:57 pm - sliding scale, DIY bike wrench org lookin for a new spot
The Bike Shack (bikeshack.org) is a volunteer-run, donation-funded place
that helps people learn to fix their bikes and provides tools for
community use on a sliding scale. We welcome just about anyone to come in
and use our tools, ask us questions, or look for used bikes or parts
(available by donation).

After about 6 years of doing this, we're trying to find other places The
Bike Shack can operate. The following would be nice in a fun bunch. Any
offer that includes these I'll most likely eventually take a look at:

-A secure space the size of about a single car garage (~260 sq ft, at
least 10 feet wide), in Seattle, about East of I-5 and North of the canal
-Enough electricity for lights, a radio, and the occasional small power tool
-A hard and flat finished floor (concrete is ideal)
-Access to a toilet and running water
-A lease costing up to $250 per month, but preferably less

Thanks yall!

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