shoop (mcfnord) wrote in seattlebikes,

Support SB 5236 and HB 1339

The Vulnerable User Bill (SB 5326 and HB 1339) would educate drivers to be more careful and allow the courts to bring justice for victims and their families.

Our legislature is on a tight schedule and the bill is ready for a vote in both the House and Senate. Last year, the Vulnerable User Bill died on the Senate calendar. We can't let that happen again.

SB 5236 and HB 1339 create tougher penalties for negligent drivers who maim or kill bicyclists, pedestrians, equestrians, farm equipment operators, or other vulnerable roadway users. These penalties help reinforce the need to be careful when driving around people who do not have the protection of a car. By emailing your legislators, you can help fill a gap in state law between a simple traffic ticket and a crime.

Please take a minute of your time to email your state elected officials and tell them why passage of this bill is so important for the improved safety of our roadways.

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