derrickito (derrickito) wrote in seattlebikes,

mass exodus!
we've been trying to get this done for a while, and i finished it up on friday.

alot of people just dont use livejournal, some dont like it, some do, but overall we wanted to get our web presence over onto the point83 website.

we got a new server, and put our forums up over there to house all this madness locally on our own domain. a couple visual things might change slowly, but 95 of it is all ready to go (and 100 percent of it for everyone to start posting on)

im throwing this out a few hours early (sunday evening instead of monday morning). im sure some people will have a little "web site shock" just from changing. but chill out, lets give it a go, and get on our own server in a place that feels a little more like home for us.

the web forum style should accomodate us alot better. we'll have the ability to mass email forum members. new posts are bumped to the top. quotable for easy following. html and images are all on to make it easy to share images and links just as well as this place. etc etc etc.

time to leave this seattle bikes site in the dust!

we also have a new mailing list program that we'll be using to manage the announcements and all that. im going to give jake the keys to that monday morning. he does a kick ass job and has lots of time for the info management around here. he'll be mass subscribing everyone onto that email list. it will be a really easy system that everyone can sign onto and off of at will.

anyways, enough droning on from me. lets move onto the forums. holler at me if we have bugs come up.

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