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October 11th, 2009

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02:11 pm - saw this at all city coffee...
You are invited to a halloween night to remember (hopefully) at the Messquerade Halloween Bicycle Scavenger Hunt, a night of scary and awesome costumes of bizarre bikery on Saturday October 31st. This year’s costume bicycle scavenger hunt will consist of teams of at least 2 to 6 people or so then register your team on the registration page! If YOU haven't got a team together, you might assemble one with others in your loneliness or join another one, someone might want you! Just come to the start and mingle.

there's also bands, a party and an afterparty. info at http://messmannsmessquerade.net/

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Date:October 12th, 2009 03:53 am (UTC)
this is seriously an A+++ fun way to spend halloween night, more fun than any other party I've been to.

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